Mind Over Body Mantra: Teresa Giudice Standing Strong

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Life often throws us challenges and we have to figure out how to overcome them. Many people find that pursuing their goals and hobbies help them find the energy they need in order to get past life’s struggles. Teresa Giudice, star of The Real Housewives of New Jersey and author of STANDING STRONG, shares her journey with finding strength through her passion for Yoga. 

Once filming of season seven wrapped, I was so relieved. I finally felt like I could relax, and I was really looking forward to the summer. I was just concentrating on my family. The end of the school year was approaching, which is always a very busy time for my girls. I wanted to focus on my daughters, and I also wanted to finally start thinking about getting certified as a yoga instructor.

teresa guidanceWhen I was in prison, I’d been working out hard at the gym and lifting heavy weights all the time. It was my way of distracting myself, of keeping the boredom at bay, and of trying to improve myself all at once. I loved it. But, my roommate kept telling me, “You get out of bed like an old person,” because I was always so sore from the weight lifting. My lower back was killing me. That’s when I decided to try one of the yoga classes they offered. I’d done it before at home and didn’t think it was for me, but I had nothing better to do with my time! And, you know what, I started feeling so good. It was a lot of stretching, and it really transformed my body. I never got sick of it. It releases so many wonderful endorphins. I even started meditating because of yoga.

As much as it was changing my body, it was also changing my mind. I wanted to learn everything I could about it. I said, “Maybe eventually I’ll teach.” Also, because of my passion for and experience in the fashion world, I’ve always thought I could design a line of activewear. In the back of my mind, I’m constantly thinking about business and new ways to support my family. I have to. I need to work.

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Excerpted from Standing Strong by Teresa Giudice. Copyright © 2018 by author. Used by permission of the publisher. All rights reserved.

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