Regenerate Your Diet

Switching up your eating habits can be a challenge. The regenerative diet is a lifestyle choice that can help you lose weight while eating healthy food. Josh Tickell, author of KISS THE GROUND, explains how this health plan can work wonders for you and your body. 

Soil is the foundation of our civilization. If we regenerate it, we create the basis for healthy food for ourselves and for the generations to come. Agriculture drives how we treat soil. Thus, in order to regenerate soil, we need to build a new, safe, and sane food system.

To do this will require three components:

  1. New federal, state, and local policies that eschew profit schemes for chemical and industrial agriculture and instead support the development of healthy soils
  2. Hundreds of thousands, and potentially millions, of young people engaged in regenerative agriculture
  3. And the most important component, a new, regenerative diet

This “regenerative revolution” aims to disrupt the status quo by combining these three components. The revolution I am speaking of is peaceful, open-sourced, and decentralized. To join this revolution, you don’t need a badge, a pin, a membership card, or a secret hand- shake. There are no fees, no dues, and no rules of order. In fact, you can participate silently without telling anyone.

That’s because, above all else, what we put in our mouths will drive the principles of regenerative agriculture on a local, national, or international level. Sequestering carbon dioxide into soil, reversing desertification, deacidifying our oceans and ensuring the survival of the oxygen-producing phytoplankton, creating a healthy food system that prioritizes a fresh and diverse diet over commodity bulk, incentivizing the humane treatment of animals—all these things are matters of our daily food choices.

Herein lies a watershed moment for our culture. The ultimate “diet” that America has been seeking for the better part of half a century is finally here. Enter: the regenerative diet.

But unlike a dieting fad, this is a lifestyle, a commitment not just to a better waistline but also to a better tomorrow. Yes, you can have the health and vitality you want, you can lose those extra pounds, and you can save the world just by a conscious, deliberate, and slow shift away from repackaged commodity bulk.

For more tips on how to join the regenerative revolution pick up a copy of KISS THE GROUND by Josh Tickell!


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Excerpted from Kiss the Ground by Josh Tickell. Copyright © 2018 by Josh Tickell. Used by permission of the publisher. All rights reserved.

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