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Welcome to “Well For Joy”!

I’m happy to welcome you to this website! My name is Greg Gaspar and my passion is finding and applying ways of enhancing one’s life. This website is dedicated to sharing with you what I find is well suited to help in achieving this aim.

The name “Well For Joy” says it all: Being well and healthy is the foundation for experiencing happiness and joy in your life. Everyone strives to having a fulfilled and joyful life but not everyone seems to know what actually is the prerequisite for accomplishing this goal.

The answer is… Holistic Health . In other words: healthy body, healthy mind and healthy soul are the foundation of a joyfull life. All aspects of a human being need to be cured if they’re out of balance, and maintained in a harmonic healthy state. This is what Well For Joy is all about.

Please don’t expect to find here some sophisticated medical expertise because I’m not a physician and I’m far away from giving any medical advise. Please read the Medical Disclaimer in this respect.

But… What I want to do on Well For Joy is share with you everything I find that is worth learning and applying in daily life. Often it doesn’t need to be any of those high-tech medical stuff a physician may prescribe, but simple things like healthy eating, reasonable exercise, healthy mindset and so on. These things often do wonders when you stick to them in your daily life. This is my approach and also my experience which I’ve made in quite a few years already.

Since you’ve stumbled upon this website I assume that you were looking for some information of this kind. I’m happy to meet you here and I’m inviting you to a joint adventure of getting to be well and experiencing a joyful life.

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